Clare Ambrosino – Chairman

Clare Ambrosino joined Parliament Street in 2014 and is the author of the chapter Any Man Politics in our 2015 book Smart Government.  She became Chairman of Parliament Street in January 2017.

In addition to chairing the Parliament Street, Clare also founded Women of Influence – a multiplatform series looking at how female leaders are shaping business, public life and our communities.

Under Clare’s stewardship, Parliament Street has transformed from focusing purely on partisan politics, to becoming, a leading issue orientated think tank, often in uncanny harmony with the cultural and political zietgeist.

For its inaugural event, Clare hosted Parliament Street’s first conference, inviting inspiring women from the fields of politics, law,, medicine, media and business, to share their stories with the next generation of female leaders.

The event was the perfect compliment to the Women’s March, protesting the casual misogyny of the newly inaugurated President Trump. Both events showed that his election merely represented the last gasp of the good old boys, rather than a permanent backward evolution of the body politic.

Clare is a passionate believer in civic engagement and seeks to encourage those put off by politics, especially women and millennials, to get involved and become the change they’ve been looking for.

Clare’s optimistic outlook and advocacy of empowerment, in contrast to dependency, led her to join the Conservative Party, which she has actively and enthusiastically campaigned for, for many years.

During last years General Election, Clare seized the initiative, through building and coordinating, a popular campaign group , of female activists for female candidates.

Her efforts were recognised during the campaign, when Clare was made the face of party volunteers on the front page and throughout the Conservative Party website, as well as, in internal campaign literature.

Clare has not only been involved in British politics, but also has strong experience dealing with policy issues, on a European level, especially in regards to, science and technology.

Before joining Parliament Street, Clare worked as a key staffer to beloved Irish politician and Fine Gael stalwart, Sean Kelly MEP, during his tenure, as rapporteur to the European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, on the European Commission’s proposals for an overhaul of the Data Protection regime across the EU.

This work resulted in the passage of the wide ranging and comprehensive GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation, which comes into force across the UK and the rest of the EU, this May.

Clare can be contacted at

Follow her on Twitter: @iammaeve

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