Patrick Sullivan – Chairman and Founder

Patrick Sullivan is the Chairman of Parliament Street, having founded the think tank in early 2012. Patrick saw a gap in the market for a broad based community ideas without a corporate view, in order to facilitate lively debate and discussion.
He served as the organisation’s Chief Executive from its founding, until the end of last year. Although no longer responsible for the day to day management of the group, Patrick remains key to Parliament Street’s continuing success.

Patrick enjoying the fresh air of his family’s ancestral home in Castletownsend, Cork

As Chairman of Parliament Street, Patrick alongside the rest of the management board sets out the direction of travel for the political year and advises on which policy areas need special attention. He could not be happier with the choice of Elliot Van Emden to succeed him as Chief Executive; knowing that he will bring great enthusiasm to the job and offer a fresh perspective in how to address the challenges of the day.

Not one for long holidays, or resting on his laurels; Patrick jumped right back into the thick of it, full-time as the new Political Editor of The Commentator – following in the footsteps of such Westminster stalwarts as Alex Wickham and Harry Cole whilst bringing his own unique flare to the job.
Prior to setting up and building one of Britain’s leading think tanks in Parliament Street; Patrick learnt the policy ropes working at the prestigious, conservative Bow Group think tank. In addition, to facilitating creative ideas across the policy spectrum; he has also found time to become a leader in the very political field of election campaigns and has held senior campaign roles within the Conservative Party in the UK and the Republican Party in the USA.
Patrick started his political career as Chairman of Conservative Future Students from 2008-10 and his business career organising a student music festival, when a new student at Nottingham University in 2004. The event was hailed by BBC Radio One as a “mini-Glastonbury”.
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