Dr. James Downes – Director of British and European Politics

James joined Parliament Street in 2015. Since then he has written a number of research papers for us on the Decline of the Left in Europe, why polling companies keep getting it so wrong, the Future of the Transatlantic Partnership and ISIS – The Case for Intervention – Understanding Public Opinion. James also co-wrote the chapter Immigration – Public Opinion and Policy in our 2015 book Smart Government, alongside the chapter on Brexit and the rise of Populism (with Christopher Hanley) in our 2017 book, True Blue.
James is currently a Lecturer in European and Asian Politics in the Department of Government and Public Administration at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has also been a Visiting Researcher at the Europe Asia Policy Center for Comparative Research (formerly the European Union Academic Programme Hong Kong).
James can be contacted at james.downes@parliamentstreet.org
Follow him on Twitter: @JamesFDownes

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