How to Combat Cyberbullying – Wednesday 22nd March

Cyber-bullying is an unacceptable threat to the mental health of both children and adults online.

With the increased use of smart phones there is simply no escape from this kind of bullying, because it always takes place in the online environment, that is accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Cyberbullying can damage a person for life. It can lead to truancy, sleep deprevation, alcohol abuse, depression and, in the worst cases, self-harm and suicide.

This is why Parliament Street will be shining a light on this on this awful form of abuse.

As part of our Mental Health Month in March we will be holding an event at the House of Commons where we will hear from some of the country’s leading campaigners against Cyberbullying.

Already confirmed are Carney Bonner and Devan Witter, with more speakers pending.

Carney Bonner

Carney was the victim of some of the worst online harrasment when he was young. The bullying got so bad he that withdrew from school life, and distanced himself from his family and friends. He started self-harming and got so desperate that he even tried to commit suicide.

Thanks to a close friend who eventually persuaded Carney to get help, he was able to get counselling and rebuild his life.

Carney now campaigns to remove the stigma about speaking out and show victims that they too can rebuild.

With the help of youth charity Fixers, he shows young people and adults how to protect themselves online holding workshops showing people how to do this.

Carney has appeared on the BBC, Sky News, ITV, Channel 4 and numerous other media outlets, raising awareness about Cyberbullying.

Devan Witter.

Devan started to campaign against Cyberbullying because it helped him to deal with being bullied online himself

He made sure that other people were able to benefit from something he went through.

With the help of youth charity Fixers, Devan was able to set up his own anti-bullying group and became a vigourous campaigner against Cyberbullying. He even raising the issue with Prince Charles during a Google Hangout.

Now as a result of his tireless campaigning he has been awarded the Medalist of the Order of the British Empire in the New Years’ Honours list.

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