About Metropolicy

Metropolicy conducts research and develops policy ideas to support the devolution of powers from Westminster to elected ‘metro’ mayors, such as the Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, and the Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham.

Metropolicy operates a branch membership system that feeds into a national coordination unit. The national body supports overall brand development and direction of travel, joined-up thinking, and sharing of best practices across the metro areas so that duplication of effort can be reduced.

Each branch of Metropolicy is aligned with the metro mayor’s area and aims to work closely with each office. Metropolicy holds no corporate political view and does not support any political party – it operates for the benefit of the people and businesses in the areas where there are elected mayors.

Metropolicy aims to be a forward-looking ideas-based organisation that supports business development, personal health and wellbeing, skilled workforce, innovation, and effective use of taxpayers’ money. We also aim to be a strong voice for the metro regions and for further devolution of powers to the regions whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the United Kingdom as a single nation. This is the only issue upon which we will campaign.

Our Structure

The national coordination team facilities overall brand development, coordination and sharing of best practice and helps branches to avoid duplication of effort. This allows Metropolicy to ensure good ideas are shared across branches, but it is up to a branch to carry out research on an idea to see if it is suitable for their area.

The team is made up of talented policy makers from across the UK and from across the partisan divide.

Current National Coordination Team

  • To be Confirmed


Branches are run by a Regional Coordinator who oversees the development of policy ideas and research, which may be carried out by voluntary members of the branch, interns and others.

  • Greater London
  • West Midlands
  • Greater Manchester
  • Liverpool City Region
  • Tees Valley
  • West of England
  • Cambridgeshire & Peterborough
  • Sheffield City Region