Monday 30th September 2013- Life After the Lib Dems

On 30 September 2013, Parliament Street hosted one of the most interesting and topical fringe events of Conservative Party Conference – ‘Life After the Lib Dems’.

The event was chaired by Parliament Street’s Nabil Najjar, and we were joined by a first-class panel including the Rt. Hon. John Redwood MP, Shaun Bailey, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister, Melanie Phillips and Kieron O’Hara, author of After Blair, to discuss the challenges faced by the Conservative Party in continuing to appeal to the centre ground while remaining committed to its values.

We touched on how, why and when the Coalition Government will break down and how two Parties who have governed side by side can suddenly switch back to being political adversaries. The topic of the threat of UKIP – a recurring theme at many fringe events throughout the conference – was
also touched upon.

In all, about one hundred guests attended the event, and guests were invited to network over afternoon tea before and after the event.

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