Tuesday 29th October 2013 – Chris Skidmore MP on ‘Bosworth – the Birth of the Tudors’

On Tuesday 29th October 2013bosworth-1 , Parliament Street was joined by acclaimed historian and author Chris Skidmore MP as well as around 50 guests in Committee Room 9 of the House of Commons to discuss Chris’ latest book Bosworth – the Birth of the Tudors.

The event was chaired by our Head of Membership, Caitlin Boydon-Jones.

Chris delivered a fascinating lecture, giving a detailed account of the Wars of the Roses which culminated in the Battle of Bosworth, in 1485. He explained the circumstances of 15th Century England, which allowed the usurpation of the throne of Richard III to be possible, as well as successful, which led to the birth of arguably the most significant dynasty of English Monarchs, the Tudors.

Chris took questions from the audience after his speech, provoking debate into the fine details of not only the Wars of the Roses and Bosworth, but also his research methods and hypothetical situations of how Britain would be today, had Henry VII lost the Battle of Bosworth.bosworth-2

Chris also explained the significance of the recent archaeological discovery of Richard III’s burial place and skeleton in Leicester, which has aided historians further in establishing what exactly happened at Bosworth as well as learn more about the life and death of the monarch.

We would like to say thank you again to Chris for making this event possible and thank you to everyone who came.


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