Brexit ready: UK law prepares for leaving date

Parliament Street’s Head of Campaigns, Elizabeth Anderson writes about how the passage of the EU Withdrawal Act is an important step on the road to Brexit.

It’s been a long time coming, and finally, almost exactly two years after the Brexit Referendum, the law has changed in a massive milestone for the country as we prepare to exit the European Union.

As a Leave campaigner and co-ordinator, I remain extremely proud of the work that I and the vast network of other volunteers did that has led up to this time.  Earlier this month, I had the chance to speak at the Millenifest London event organised by thinktank Common Vision, representing the Leave perspective for young people at a debate attended by Vince Cable and Dominic Grieve, amongst others.  These arch remainers painted a picture of chaos and strife for the UK – everything that you would expect from the “despite Brexit” remoaner crowd, with the politicians’ panel calling for a People’s Vote.

But what is forgotton – conveniently – by such career politicos, is that we had one of those, on 23rd June 2016, after many years of calls from those in favour of a departure from the EU.  Branded the chance for the country to decide, the majority of votes cast supported Leave.  And now the remainers call for such a vote again, presumably on the basis that the result of a democratic referendum was not that which they sought, despite Project Fear and doom-mongering.  Especially disappointing at the event was the patriarchal approach taken by Dr Cable, who highlighted that university cities had been more likely to vote to remain, and deprived communities more likely to vote to leave, with an undertone that those voting to leave were simply poorly educated. Whilst this played well with a room of graduates, I was quick to point out that perhaps the elite run EU was doing little to support those in a position of disadvantage.

As we prepare to leave, we see a vast array of opportunity for the UK.  Despite the gloomy predictions, the economy is growing, unemployment is falling.  We now have the opportunities to create our own futures, to forge new trading links without the restrictions of the EU.  We can create new, more stringest regulations that will support our environmental and animal welfare provision – from ocean choaking plastic to cruel live exports.  We can impose stronger tests on those entering our country, whilst still ensuring that we encourage those with the skills we need join us.  And we can stop continually seeking concessions from the ever growing bureaucracy and rules of a would-be supranation.

This new EU Withdrawal Act repeals the 1972 European Communities Act, seeing the ending of the supremecy of EU law over those rulings of our own elected representatives.  It gives us back sovereignty, and gives the government powers to transfer EU law into UK law for a smooth handover.

We are finally starting to see that we are on the road to take back control.  At last.

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