Views From The Ground: How the Lib Dems Are Damaging Colchester’s Skyline


Jumbo and Colchester’s Skyline by evening

In this edition of ‘Views From The Ground’, Parliament Street hears from Darius Laws. Darius is a director, cinematographer and Conservative Party activist from Colchester, Essex. He argues that the local Liberal Democrats are ruining all hopes of reviving one of Colchester’s most memorable landmarks. 

It’s about time that Bob Russell,the Lib Dem Member of Parliament for Colchester, gave up in his quest to deny our landmark building, Jumbo a grade II* listed Water Tower, a modern day use – at no cost to the taxpayer.

Since being taken out of public ownership in 1987, the previous development scheme which was recommended for approval by the planning officers, but rejected by the Lib Dem politicians, would have seen a lift, public access to the the top and a restaurant.

The current inaction is a wasted opportunity and one I hold our MP responsible for. He is the patron of a Charitable Trust which failed to raise enough cash in a public fundraising campaign to buy Jumbo on the open market (on more than one occasion), and yet they continue to stand in the way of giving the building a purpose.

They aren’t living in the real world if they think the people want public monies spent on fossilising the building; which would result in those with mobility issues denied access to the top, with the only way up via the tiny narrow steps; access being reliant via volunteers as opposed to a restaurant.

What I really struggle with is how our MP protests against any plans to give Jumbo a modern use yet he was the mayor of Colchester in 1987 when the sales particulars were being prepared, I’m unaware he made any objections at the time to allow the private sector to take this building forward in the 21st century.

The Conservative parliamentary candidate challenging Bob has vowed to bring people together to ensure Jumbo has a useful future in the 21st century and beyond. Bob Russell really should accept it is time to work with the owner to ensure the best possible overall benefit for the people of Colchester, a rejuvenated Jumbo with a restaurant in the sky would be such an asset for our region!

Only the Conservatives can bring about the changes Colchester so desperately needs.


Watch Darius here:


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