Smart Goverment: A Parliament Street Guide to Better More Efficient Government


Smart Government, edited by Patrick Sullivan and Nabil Najjar, and featuring a foreword by the Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, is Parliament Street’s first book, launched to positive reviews in March 2015.

Ahead of the 2015 General Election, perhaps the most important in a generation, Parliament Street has brought together a group of leading Conservative Party activists, business and charity leaders and political figures to put forward a manifesto for “Smart Government”.

Featuring a foreword by Rt Hon Liam Fox MP, this guide proposes policy recommendations on a variety of key topical issues, such as the economic recovery, the European Union, housing, education, energy, and constitutional reform. We hope this publication will build on the vital work done by David Cameron’s Government, and help secure and enhance the future of the United Kingdom.

Download Smart Government: A Parliament Street Guide to Better Government to learn more about these proposals.

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Foreword by the Rt Hon Liam Fox MP

1: Local homes for local people, by Cllr Tom Hunt

2: How do we build generations of game changers?, by Michael Mercieca

3: Time for a dose of Euro-realism, by Shaun Bailey and Nabil Najjar

4: Islamic extremism: the greatest threat to Britain’s future, by Clare George-Hilley

5: New Energy, New Jobs, by Aisha Vance

6: Giving public services a tech injection, by Steven George-Hilley

7: Immigration – public opinion and policy: changing the way Britain manages immigration and border control, by Mo Metcalf-Fisher and James Downes

8:A very British Constitution, by Matt Gass

9: Conservatives Trust Schools, by Steve Mastin

10: Recommendations for “Phase II” of the UK’s economic recovery: an all-out offensive to deliver a baanced and sustainable economy, by Luke Springthorpe

11: Any man politics: will the new breed of political comedians convince the electorate, by Maeve Clare Ambrosino

Afterword by Patrick Sullivan

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