My New Years’ Resolution

by Georgia Toffolo

It is no secret that the majority of resolutions, made with the best of intentions on January 1st , end up pretty much forgotten by the month’s end. No wonder, when you have to deal with the horror that is January, giving up the things you love the most is enough to drive anyone insane.

So perhaps, this year, rather than looking for things we should give up, we should be looking for things we can take up – things that make our lives more bearable, as opposed to unbearable. I think most women will agree that, when things get tough, it is the women in our lives that make things a lot more bearable.

We are each other’s greatest support, and this is why I am so happy to be announcing our upcoming Women of Influence conference.

The conference will give young professional women the chance to hear from women who are the leaders in their fields. They will be discussing their own experiences and the importance of encouraging more young women in those fields. We can expect unique insights, inspiration, anecdotes and even a few laughs.

I have been absolutely thrilled by the outpouring of support for this venture, which is so important.  Confirmed attendees include spokespeople and business leaders from the City of London, British Film Institute, TechUK, Sky News and M&C Saatchi PR, to name but a few.

It is no secret that being a young professional woman is difficult at the best of times, so this year why don’t you make your January a little more bearable by doing something positive and resolving to join us at our Women of Influence conference.

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Georgia Toffolo is Events Manager for Parliament Street and can be seen on Made in Chelsea on E4

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