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Senator Meghan or Governor Markle?

Senator Meghan or Governor Markle?

by Patrick Sullivan, Chief Executive of Parliament Street In our postmodern reality, we have seen a fusion of news and entertainment. As such, this means that entertainment, as much as anything, drives the news. What’s in the news affects and impacts the world we live in and the way we see the world. Ergo, in order to understand current events, […]

by · 1st April 2021 · frontpage
Governor-elect of Virginia, Ralph Northam (D) celebrates his election night victory with the other victorious Democratic candidates for state-wide office and outgoing Governor Terry McAuliffe (D)

Trump Effect Ignites Democrats in State, Local Elections

Call it the Trump effect, call it luck, call it a good ground game, but the Democratic Party had a night to celebrate on Tuesday when the party won the governor’s races in both Virginia and New Jersey, picked up mayor and council seats nationwide, and picked up more seats in the Virginia House of Delegates in a single election […]

by · 13th November 2017 · Blog
The Rise of Trump Forced Me Out of the Republican Party

The Rise of Trump Forced Me Out of the Republican Party

Let me preface this article by explaining that my departure from the Republican Party began before Donald Trump was the nominee for President. A lifelong Republican who’s held internships and volunteer positions on over a dozen campaigns from borough council to Presidential races, I’ve had close ties with the party for many, many years. An intern for the Mitt Romney […]

by · 21st April 2017 · Blog
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton gesture during the presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., Monday, Sept. 26, 2016. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Is the Republican Party Finished?

Many have predicted the collapse of the G.O.P. for quite some time. After Governor Mitt Romney’s defeat to President Obama in 2012, political commentators (let’s take a page out of Jose Mourinho’s book and call them “Einsteins”) declared the Republican Party dead and that there was no foreseeable path to the White House. Fast forward to the 2014 midterm elections […]

by · 25th October 2016 · US Politics, Blog