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  • 24th January 2022

    Parliament Street launches “Our Next Prime Minister” website

    Monday 24th January 2022 To go along with the release of Parliament Street’s new paper “Our Next Prime Minister” , we are also pleased to announce that we have widened the project so that it has it’s own specific website –
  • 6th March 2023

    Parliament Street Digital Health Summit

    Monday 6th March, 2023 This evening, Parliament Street held its Annual Digital Health Summit. The event took place in Committee Room 5 of the House of Commons. It was chaired by Steven George-Hilley and Dean Russell MP
  • 1st June 2022

    New position paper argues British politics needs a fresh start

    Wednesday 1st June We are pleased to announce a new instalment in Our Next Prime Minister series which discusses the sort of person that we might want as our next Prime Minister and the policy agenda they might pursue. The position paper called Make A Difference makes the following argument “The world is a very different place from what it was when Boris Johnson
  • 28th April 2022

    DIGIT reports on Parliament Street research

    Thursday 28th April 2022 Today,  Scotland’s leading technology media company, DIGIT reported on Parliament Street research showing that the Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) has spent more than £9 million on 14,000 remote working devices for hybrid working during the pandemic. Read the story


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