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  • 31st March 2020

    BRIEFING NOTE – Minding the Pandemic: The First Week

    Our Head of Campaigns, Danny Bowman reflects on his personal experience of the first week of the lockdown and the subsequent impact on his mental health. He will be doing this for each week during the
  • 19th March 2020

    How to Maintain Good Mental Wellbeing During the Coronavirus

    Parliament Street’s Head of Campaigns, Danny Bowman has produced an important briefing note at this time of uncertainty. We at Parliament Street believe it is incredibly important that the coronavirus pandemic does not have the domino effect of causing a mental health pandemic. In order to do this we must all work together, put aside our tribal differences and remember
  • 16th March 2020


    In this important paper Parliament Street Chief Executive, Patrick Sullivan proposes a range of sensible measures to create stability while we fight this Coronavirus Pandemic.     This paper highlights how technology could be used to ensure the continuation of democracy, and to keep people in touch with outside world while in isolation.  This paper is required reading for all policy


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