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Withdrawing from the Iran Deal is a Catastrophic Error

Withdrawing from the Iran Deal is a Catastrophic Error

The Iran Deal is not perfect. Major international treaties seldom are. However, monitoring experts, defence policy-advisors – including Donald Trump’s own Secretary of Defence, Ret. Gen. Jim Mattis – agree that this treaty was, in fact, living up to expectations. Just ask former President Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy Advisor Ben Rhodes about what shortcomings he can identify from the JCPOA’s […]

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Demontrators from pro-EU group Open Britain protest outside of the Houses of Parliament in central London on March 29, 2017. British Prime Minister Theresa May will formally launch Brexit today after signing the letter to begin the country's departure from the European Union. AFP PHOTO / Justin TALLISJUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images

EU Nationals in the UK Face the Same Dilemma as DREAMERs

If you’re an EU citizen living and working in the UK right now, you probably have a lot of questions regarding your future status in your host country. You’re unsure about your access to healthcare, about your ability to work, and worst of all, whether you’ll be deported back to your country of origin. Cue the DREAMERs. The political and legal […]

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Colombian opposition led by former President Alvaro Uribe march to protest against President Juan Manuel Santos' government and denounce concessions they have made in peace talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC,  in Bogota, Colombia, Saturday, April 2, 2016. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)

When Governments Abdicate Their Responsibilty, Chaos Ensues

What is a referendum? A referendum is a single-issue vote by which the state delineates decision making on a controversial issue to the people. In the past year, we’ve seen two issues which have long divided nations come to a head at the ballot box, and the results have been a disaster. Last week, the Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, […]

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