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President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro.

The United States’ Failure in Latin America

The world changed remarkably in 1991. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War prompted a shift in global security and diplomatic policy that led to increased focus on the Middle East and East Asia. The 1990’s saw the United States engage in war against Iraq following its invasion of Kuwait, humanitarian efforts in Somalia, […]

by · 16th April 2018 · Blog
President Donald Trump gestures towards the crowd as he delivers his inauguration speech.

President Donald Trump- What We Learned from his Inauguration and What to Expect

It’s officially official. Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. Many never, ever, would have predicted such a headline one year ago, but the day has come. Obviously, it goes without saying that Donald Trump divides opinions. He’s one of those people that one either loves or hates. Mr Trump’s supporters are passionately behind him and generally believe […]

by · 23rd January 2017 · Blog
Governor Romney meets with President-elect Donald Trump.

The Who’s Who So Far in the Trump Transition

Since Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the US Presidential election on 08 November, the President-elect has been busy assembling the team he will rely on when he assumes office on 21 January 2017. Some of the names have sparked controversy, others surprise, but Donald Trump has deflected criticism of his picks in the most Donald Trump way possible- by Tweeting […]

by · 28th November 2016 · US Politics, Blog
The Fate of the World Literally Lies in the Hands of One of Its Worst Leaders

The Fate of the World Literally Lies in the Hands of One of Its Worst Leaders

Think about it- Turkey has been in the news a lot lately and not for good reasons. Between the refugee crisis of the past year to the attack at Ataturk Airport to the failed coup d’etat of last month, it seems that the Turkish state is reaching a tipping point. Of course, let’s not forget the seemingly endless and destructive […]

by · 18th August 2016 · Foreign Affairs, Blog