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President Trump greets a crowd in Orlando, Florida.

What Defines a Populist Movement?

Populism is difficult to define because those who cloak themselves in its meaning and those who oppose it often invent their own definitions that suit their own causes. William Jennings Bryan, a Democratic nominee for President several times at the turn of the 20th century, claimed to be a populist because he wanted the US Government to peg the dollar […]

by · 15th March 2017 · US Politics, Blog
Vladimir Putin’s bad week

Vladimir Putin’s bad week

Mr. Putin’s week started out bad when he left the G20 summit in a huff after Western leaders “ganged up on him” and turned worse after Germany announced they will not be making their 2020 co2 emissions target. It’s been a tough week for the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. First the Putin regime was singled out at the G20 summit in […]

by · 20th November 2014 · Foreign Affairs