Winter Butterfly” Screening in Parliament

In April we held a screening of the film “Winter Butterfly in Committee Room 15 of the Houses of Parliament. The event was held in association with the North Korean Residents Association as part of the international North Korean Freedom Week.

“Winter Butterfly” is a critically acclaimed film by North Korean defector, Kim Gyoo-min. The film offered a harrowing portrayal of daily life in North Korea using true stories to illustrate the level of desperation and hunger that exists there.

After the screening the North Korean defector and human rights campaigner Kim Joo-Il answered questions on the political and humanitarian situation in North Korea.

The Head of Research for Parliament Street, Oliver Lewis, stressed the importance of the event in creating greater awareness of the humanatarian plight of the North Korean people. Lewis said “We know incredibly little about what goes on inside North Korea; it was humbling and harrowing to hear about, and see, some of the terrible things that are happening within its borders. Our basic sense of decency and humanity should implore us to stop ignoring this country, and to start seriously thinking about what we can do to help its people.”