Clare George-Hilley: Ed Miliband knifed his own brother and now he’s playing politics with Syria

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By Clare George-Hilley, Director of Communities and Social Justice

There are few people, even in the rough and harsh world of politics that have the gall, lack of emotion and ruthlessness to shaft a sibling. Contrast Ed Miliband’s approach to that of the Johnson family, a political dynasty at the top of their game, bound by blood and honour, against Red Ed’s spectacularly selfish approach to seizing the Labour leadership. It was a decision so cold that it still taints the relationship with his brother today, with David claiming he could ‘never erase the memory’ of losing the leadership election to his younger sibling.

This consistent character flaw of opportunism and short term gain still haunts the Labour leader today. There is no better example of this than his decision to lead a passionate and sincere David Cameron up the garden path, before spectacularly turning against him the night before the vote. It is a character flaw that has left Britain with its hands tied whilst crying and screaming children, with visible napalm burns from horrific weapons are left to suffer. It is this character flaw that means our US allies are forced to press ahead with France, whilst we sit on the side-lines and watch. And it is this character flaw that marks him out as a man unfit to be Prime Minister of this great country.

We have heard the rage from Government sources using expletives to describe Ed Miliband, we have heard Michael Gove calling Labour and Conservative members who failed to support a motion to condemn the Syrian regime’s use of appalling weapons ‘disgraceful’. But when the union-man who wants the British people to elect him Prime Minister in 2015 demonstrates his willingness to play political games over such a serious national and humanitarian issue, is it any wonder that tensions are running high?

Say what you like about David Cameron, but nobody can deny he is a man motivated by a passion to challenge injustice and intervene when terrible weapons are being used by brutal dictators. Those alleged Conservatives that failed to support him in this noble motion should look themselves in the mirror, but only after they view horrendous suffering that could have helped prevent – but didn’t.

Ed Miliband may have earned himself a mini-poll bounce from this cowardly manoeuvre, but as the atrocities continue and Britain sits on the fence whilst our allies take action, the public will begin to question his approach. And just like his now distant brother David Miliband, the British people will never be able to ‘erase the memory’ of the sickening opportunism of Red Ed at the expense of the Syrian people.

Clare George-Hilley is a local councillor in the London Borough of Croydon.

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