Ed Miliband’s Crystal Methodist cash cow has exposed the sinister side of Labour

Home Affairs ILabour has spent the last few months on a relentless crusade to position Ed Miliband as the man on the side of ordinary working people, launching a moral crusade against the big energy companies, corrupt media empires and big businesses. Opinion polls indicate that until the recent revelations that about the Co-operative bank scandal, this strategy was beginning to work.

But the revelations that Paul Flowers, a former Labour Councillor, who attended meetings at Downing Street and advised Labour on several key financial issues, will shatter the illusion that Ed Miliband knows or cares anything about normal working people. For as the electorate can now clearly see, Ed Miliband is a man who picks his battles against corruption selectively, which would explain why a man like Paul Flowers was allowed to run the Co-operative bank unchecked, doubtless the £50,000 donation to Ed Balls meant his case did not warrant the same scrutiny as other organisations.

The real victim here are the customers of the Co-operative bank, a fundamentally decent organisation that finds itself tainted and tarnished by the crack cocaine loving Paul Flowers and the disturbingly dodgy and significantly large donations to the corrupt Labour party.

There is an urgent need for an inquiry into the Labour Party’s relationship with Paul Flowers and the donations made by the Co-operative bank. Any less would be an insult to its customers and workers.

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