Dealing seriously with immigration & border control means standing up to Brussels


Parliament Street’s Mo Metcalf-Fisher writes about the challenges facing the United Kingdom in relation to border control and immigration. 

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  1. Just been told by a local high street owner he heard of from a benefits front line officer, having to give accommodation benefits to a family that had just arrived 1 week ago then she got a call from above saying to write out a cheque now for £300 to buy the daughter a Prom dress, hairdresser told me from a client who was selling her car that two Eastern European men came to buy her car with a council cheque. She didn’t believe the cheque was real but it was from the Labour run Council paying for £4,000.00 for her car. This was so that “they could work!” Not to mention the accumulated pension liability as they get credits for minimal payments then will pay the pension benefits to them worth 30 times as much in Romania for instance.

    The shop keeper was clear we should get out of Europe. “Plenty of countrys survive outside immigration is out of control.”

    Most of the laws & rules for trade harmonisation has been done in the past 30+ years. The EU committee is now way too big and the new members are too far behind on pay, civic society, rule of law, tax collection, non communist societys, police enforcement, court and judiciary unbiased, property laws . . .

    That’s 2 out of 3 people and the third person was a short drop off for dry cleaning.