Boris Unchained

Our Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Sullivan argues that working on positive policy solutions is the best way for newly elected MPs to stand out amongst the new class.

With a new majority, Boris Johnson now runs a strong and stable new government. With this comes the freedom to think the unthinkable and look for radical solutions to the very real problems that face the country.

The Conservative Party manifesto was a safety-first manifesto. There was no point having all the great policies in the world if the party was not in government to deliver them. The mission was to win a majority first and work on finding solutions after.

Thanks to the Fixed Term Parliament Act, Boris Johnson now has a full five years in which to find and deliver solutions. With his landslide election victory, Boris Johnson can dare to be bold.

For those newly elected Conservative MPs finding positive policy solutions to the problems this country faces will be the best way in which they can stand out amongst the new class. This is a proven strategy for success, as those MPs who wrote Britannia Unchained (2012) will be able to attest.

Brexit will give our new leaders a nation they now get to build. This election victory has laid the foundations for that process. Now it is the job of these newly elected Conservative MPs to act as architects and draw the designs for how they envision the country to look at the time of the next General Election and beyond.

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