Ed Miliband is the undisputed star in Labour’s union soap opera

By Steven George-Hilley

Home Affairs IAcross Britain, millions of working people are worried about paying the bills and looking after their families as the country moves out of crisis and into recovery. Despite a modest increase in the economic outlook, people are still worried about their jobs and are anxious about the future. In this environment they are looking for strong, decisive leadership that takes tough action against those who refuse to work and stands up for those doing the right thing and playing by the rules.

This is a critical moment for UK politicians to seize the initiative and offer a genuine roadmap for Britain’s future. It is therefore no surprise that instead of spending time creating policies that resonate with working people, Ed Miliband is dedicating the conference season to making pals with his Union neighbours in a bizarre and painful soap opera, that is likely to last for at least another 12 months.

Earlier this week, we heard that the GMB Union was cutting Labour’s funding by over one million pounds, then, as if by magic, a report from the Labour party was sneaked out late Friday night absolving the Unite Union of election rigging allegations in Falkirk. Most of the British public will be scratching their heads over this conclusion and its timing. Wasn’t this the scandal that caused widespread outrage across the Blairite wing of the Labour party? Wasn’t this the scandal that Ed Miliband claimed he would take action on, wasn’t this the scandal that required a Police investigation? Added to this, Ed Miliband has refused to release the report into Unite’s activities in Falkirk and ‘key pieces of evidence have been withdrawn’ – no wonder the British people smell a rat.

In today’s polls, the Labour lead has slipped to 5 points and 1 point respectively. This is despite UK Prime Minister David Cameron losing a vote on Syria. This is likely because Ed Miliband chose to  play politics with a situation of huge humanitarian importance, winning a short term poll bounce in exchange for casting himself as a deceptive figure, so characteristic of a man who is dishonourable enough to betray his own brother.

Whilst David Cameron and the Conservatives continue to reduce welfare, improve the economy, deport dangerous terrorists, cut the deficit and help working people get on in life, Labour under the ‘leadership’ of Ed Miliband will tie itself in knots over the Union soap opera. The Unions elected him, they select his candidates and choose his policies and control his direction. When the British people go to the polls in 2015 they will be looking to elect a strong leader to take our country forward, and Ed Miliband has already proved himself totally unfit for the job.

When Conservative delegates arrive in Manchester in the coming weeks, the number one priority for all of us is to generate unity and direction to deliver a Conservative majority in 2015.

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