OPINION EDITORIAL – It is time to get back our real Counties!

Pam Moorhouse from the British Counties Campaign, explains the importance of being true to our history and why now is the time to bring back the traditional British Counties.

WHY do politicians interfere with history? For hundreds of years we have had traditional British counties. Indeed, some go back more than a thousand years.

In 1974 the then prime minister, Edward Heath, sent government agents over most of the country, to absolutely MAKE people have new counties, backed by the media.

This coercion still goes on today against everyone’s wishes, wiping out the traditional areas, so they are unknown to the young. This is a huge waste of government money that no-one wants.

With the present focus on good health how can this be fair? Losing identity, pride and history causes extreme stress on innocent, law-abiding people?

Oppression is a form of violence, bullying, using psychological weapons. Why did we fight for our liberty in the past, against would be potential foreign oppressors like Hitler, if we are to have attacks on ordinary people by our own government?

Loss of history

People love history, that is why we have historic buildings and museums, and schoolchildren are taught about it. Otherwise children would think that we have always had hi tech things.

TV and film costume dramas further show how things have changed from the past.

So why do councils INSIST on pretending that new counties have always existed with their historically meaningless names, like North East Lincolnshire? They are also mentioned in museums, deliberately misleading and confusing everyone.

If they find a Viking Helmet the archaeologists are ‘all over it!’ It is cleaned up, labelled by experts, and put in a museum ‘for everyone to see!’ Similarly ancient cathedrals have appeals – ‘This beautiful building costs £1,000 a minute to restore. Help us to preserve it for future generations!’

Not so when it comes to the counties.

Older people are being denied, ignored, which causes extreme frustration, and a sense of hopelessness!

Misbehaving youngsters can be engaged by teachers if they have an interest. So if they are interested in county history this can be stimulated in a positive way, to further their education. But if it is denied them… And for what?

People can learn a lot about past generations just from the names they left us!

If people are taught about county history, they can become lecturers, writing information for museum displays, a REALLY satisfying life. Or even just passing on the history to their own kids…

So why is our rich and unique history denied, when it has so much positive potential for modern life?


Four years ago, I launched a petition to get back our real counties. You can sign it here. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/p/counties

We need full public support to get our traditional counties back: two million signatures, plus a majority (326) of MPs.

We have also recently (September 2017) had a huge amount of media exposure, from newspapers like the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail to local TV and radio stations, as well as an appearance by one representative on the BBC Daily Politics show – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05g2p8k

Save our counties NOW!

It is SO unfair to treat people this way. So can you help to preserve our counties for future generations, as they have MUCH potential for future use?

A countrywide survey with everyone knowing about the 74 forced change would reveal the true situation. We MUST have one, as people were treated so badly in 74. Let’s DO something about the situation, before it’s to late!

If necessary, we can keep the new names for the sake of those who are used to them. They could be known as ‘council areas’, with the name ‘county’ only used for historic counties. But the 74 FORCED CHANGE MUST be known about by EVERYONE, out of fairness for all those who lived through it!

I STILL don’t understand how anyone could justify treating people like that for ANY reason!

Please support us.


Pam Moorhouse, 71

Grimsby, Lincolnshire

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