Twice the good, less than half the price

Our Head of Campaigns, Elizabeth Anderson writes about why you should consider buying some of your Christmas presents from charity shops.

Imagine if every Christmas present you bought could do twice the good?  That’s exactly what our campaign for a charity shop Christmas hopes to bring about.

Charity shops offer a whole world of quirky, unique gift opportunities which are perfect for everything from stocking fillers to Secret Santa to gifts for friends and family.  Ranging from second-hand jewellery, designer fashion, household ornaments and fascinating books, charity shops are often filled with items that are in perfect condition.  They also contain a microcosm of everything you might expect to find in a shopping centre but in a much smaller space at much cheaper prices, and ready to translate your cash immediately into help for a good cause.  What’s not to like!

Wondering how to be a charity shopping marvel?

1: Check out local charity shops.  They are literally everywhere – near work or home.  The Charity Retail Association have a handy store locator for the 11,200 charity shops across the UK:

2: Visit and browse.  Go with an open mind but a list of who you want to buy for.  You might just be surprised about the ideas you can pick up.  Charity shops offer what the internet struggles with – a broad chance to browse lots of different items!

3: Get it ready to give.  Your perfect purchase may be ready to go – but if not, you can primp with a gauze gift bag, gift box and tissue paper, or cellophane and ribbon.  It’s so easy to make anything look beautiful and ready to hand over.

4: Don’t forget the accessories.  Many charities will have Christmas cards in stock, and sometimes they have other wrapping materials too!

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