It’s clear Labour want to turn communities AGAINST one another


Labour need division so they can ‘stand up’ for the underdog against the oppressor

On the eve of poll, Parliament Street’s Charlotte Kude argues it’s clear that Labour’s strategy is to turn communities against one another for their own electoral benefit 

We’ve already seen Labour organise public meetings where men and women are segregated, while at the same time claiming to be feminists. We’ve seen them criticise zero hour contracts while their own MPs employ staff on them. Now it’s the same hypocrisy we’re also seeing on the ground, as a full part of their election strategy.

Now in Finchley, the latest shameless accusation they have found to discredit incumbent Mike Freer is about his sexuality. Yes, the same Labour Party that claims to be progressive and supportive of the LGBT cause is going around orthodox groups within the Jewish community, a significant chunk of the electorate in Finchley, telling them not to vote for a gay MP.  Mr. Freer has been married to his partner for 23 years and makes no secret of it, yet his opponents have found it appropriate to use that argument in their campaign. As a result, he has had residents saying they could no longer support him if Labour’s claims were true, and with both the Tories and Labour neck and neck in the battle for Mrs. Thatcher’s patch, this is a sign of desperation.

Mike Freer (Conservative-Finchley) has had his sexuality used against him by Labour activists

Mike Freer (Conservative-Finchley) has had his sexuality used against him by Labour activists

It is also a signal that reveals a much more worrying general trend about their party, namely that Labour are prepared to go as far as abandoning their own principles if that’s what it takes to get into power. As they go around one community telling its members not to support another, the only arguments they can find are personal, either of race, religion or sexuality. They scare voters by using emotions rather than facts and valid rational arguments, which ends up turning groups against one another.

The truth is they need this divide between communities in the same way that they need class war so that they can stand up for the underdog against the oppressor. This is why Labour can never be a party of unity, as they need division to keep them alive. They breed social unrest and feed off it. One day they defend women, the next immigrants or working classes. But the paradox is this: as they defend them they also need them to stay right where they are, or else they will soon find themselves without any cause to fight for. It is in their best interest that workers stay underpaid and immigrants keep facing racism, a perfect excuse for the state’s claws to dig deeper into our lives. The only equality they preach is for everyone to stay at the bottom, and they certainly don’t truly encourage social mobility.

This is why Labour is a dangerous, patronising force that has adopted complacency as its only principle. Tomorrow from dawn to dusk they will be flooding every seat with Union members that will come knocking on your door telling you how evil the Tories are for wanting the country to work for everyone. A party that betrays its values will betray its voters. Please don’t be a part of their tragic game. 

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