The Sun: Parliament Street’s Elliot Van Emden stars in The Apprentice

Wednesday 18th October 2017

Today, The Sun profiled Elliot Van Emden, who as well as being Commercial Director for Parliament Street also starred on the new season of The Apprentice on BBC.

Elliot had a good innings on the shows, did Parliament Street proud and won the respect of Lord Sugar, if not the competition.

You can find The Sun‘s profile of Elliot here.


An extract of the article can be read below:

Who is Elliot Van Emden and what’s his background?

Elliot Van Emden is a 31-year-old London resident.

He is currently the director of legal firm Bridgewood Legal Limited, which he established in August 2015.

The savvy entrepreneur is also commercial director of Parliament Street, a political think tank that employs Made In Chelsea’s Georgia Toffolo as their Events Manager.

He explained “what you see is what you get” with him, and that he aims to band together the other candidates that he deems to be the strongest.

He also said: “Sometimes to get to the top, you have to grease the pole behind you”.



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