Tim Focas speaks to Computer Business Review

Friday 9th June 2017

Parliament Street’s Director of Financial Services, Tim Focas was interviewed today about the surprising result of yesterday’s British general election.

You can read Tim’s interview here.

Alternatively it is reprinted below:

Fintech Sector Will Not Take Election Results Kindly

Tim Focas, director of financial services at City think tank Parliament Street:

“May’s decision to abandon fiscal prudence and core free market principles has well and truly backfired. With so much uncertainty, the fintech sector will not take kindly to this result in the weeks ahead. The only person smiling this morning will be a certain Mr Macron in France, who has already been eying up taking fintech business way from London.

“Sadly, the one-time party of enterprise has, thanks to one of the most catastrophic campaigns in living memory, has just given Brussel’s a huge leg up in the renegotiations.

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