Parliament Street C.E.O. Patrick Sullivan takes on political correctness in The Sun

Monday 9th April 2018

Today, The Sun exclusively interviewed Parliament Street’s Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Sullivan.

Mr. Sullivan was taking on London Mayor, Sadiq Khan for putting the interest of political correctness, above that of Police Constables.

The full article, originally featured on page 6 of the paper, can be read here.



Or alternatively you can read the piece below:

Police chiefs splashing out £100 a day on unqualified staff to assess racism in force

Cops advertised for ‘community assessors’ to decide if recruits might be prejudiced — while London murder rate spirals out of control

POLICE chiefs are hiring people with no qualifications to assess whether officers might be racist.

The Met is paying £100 a day — amid cop cuts and a London murder rate spiralling out of control.

The force has advertised for “community assessors” without experience to decide if recruits might be prejudiced towards black people or Asians.

It also states potential candidates will be expected to “challenge inappropriate behaviour or behaviour from colleagues and bring this to the attention of the Assessment Team”.

The initiative, first introduced in 2003, was blasted.

Parliament Street think tank boss Patrick Sullivan said: “It beggars belief that the Met is splashing taxpayers’ cash on political correctness when the streets of London are drenched in blood due to rising murder rates.

“Instead of pursuing these ludicrous schemes, funds should be diverted to help protect the public from spiralling crime, which has reached record levels under bungling Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan.”

He said: “I think this project tells you all you need to know about Sadiq Khan’s warped policing priorities in the face of rapidly escalating knife and gun crime in our capital.”

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