Tim Focas provides EXCLUSIVE Brexit analysis to Express.co.uk

Wednesday 16th January 2019

Following the overwhelming Commons defeat of the Prime Minister’s EU Withdrawal Deal, yesterday; businesses, big and small, from across the country, were asking what would happen next.

Express.co.uk decided to speak to the man in the know, Parliament Street’s Director of Financial Services, Tim Focas, who gave the paper an exclusive interview.

Discussing the new lay of the land; the morning after, the legislative night before, he told Express.co.uk:

“The only thing we can be certain of now is more uncertainty.

This could mean a possible second referendum being an option or dropping the whole Brexit plan altogether.

May’s position, right throughout this process, has been to relentlessly stick to a position until she is forced to move.

However, note the distinct change in rhetoric from ‘Brexit means Brexit’ to ‘this deal or risk no Brexit at all’. It is the phrasing of ‘no Brexit at all’ that leaves the door open for an Article 50 revoke.

With Corbyn unlikely to win a vote of no confidence, a second referendum is now more likely than ever. Forget an end to Brexit, this is where it all starts.”

The original article can be read here.

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