Daily Record alerts readers to Council Tax phishing scam uncovered by Parliament Street

The Daily Record today alerted it’s readers about a new email phishing scam, which falsely purports to be from the “Government Digital Service Team”. The scam was uncovered by Parliament Street’s cyber research unit and is aimed at low-income earners.

The scam targets Council Tax payers and claims that the recipient of the email will be receiving a Council Tax Reduction of nearly £400.

While most phishing e-mails are quite easy to spot just by checking the sender’s address, this one uses official branding and UK Government logos, designed to dupe the recipient.

Anyone who opens the message and clicks on any of the links inside, will be redirected to a malicious website.

The website is designed to harvest personal information, such as bank card details, account number, sort code and security code – in addition to contact information including home address and mobile number.

Read the Daily Record account of what our team discovered here.

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