Fostering democracy in North Korea

In the aftermath of Sony’s original decision – now reversed – to prevent screenings of “The Interview”, Paramount prevented screenings of “Team America: World Police”. Meanwhile, New Regency Pictures have shelved plans to adapt the critically acclaimed graphic novel Pyongyang by Guy Delisle after Fox refused to distribute it under any circumstances.

Parliament Street has in the past highlighted North Korea and its criminal violation of the rights of its people. In 2012 we held a screening of Kim Gyoo-min’s film “Winter Butterfly” in a committee room in the Palace of Westminster, and in January 2013 published a paper by North Korean defector Joo-il Kim, on how western powers can have a positive impact on the development of human rights in North Korea .

In that spirit, we highlight our previous research on North Korea once again. With North Korea threatening to take its “toughest counteraction” against the White House, the Pentagon and the whole U.S. mainland, Joo-il Kim’s analysis remains as topical as ever.

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