Revenge pornography – the rising tide of digital harassment

A new report on revenge pornography by Parliament Street director of technology, Steven George-Hilley

For many of us, social media offers the opportunity to engage with friends and family at the touch of a button. It provides users with a platform to launch a business, to share creative ideas and reach vast global audiences.

Unfortunately the ability to instantly upload images and video is not always used responsibly. Our research shows that there are an increasing number of investigations launched by Police forces across the country into ‘revenge porn’ cases. The offence often involves an offender uploading and sharing intimate content of a former partner onto social media, designed to cause distress and harassment.

In response to the growing number of offences in this category, a new law was passed in April 2015 making such conduct illegal and a criminal offence.

Victims of revenge porn suffer extreme humiliation, distress and some contemplate suicide. This report reveals previously unseen data into the callous nature of revenge pornography offences in Britain today.

Read the report here

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