NEW RESEARCH – Parliament Street publishes NEW BOOK: ‘True Blue’

Parliament Street is pleased to announce that its new book ‘True Blue’, is now available to buy on Kindle and Paperback.

‘True Blue’ is the second book released by Parliament Street, and the first associated with our new policy unit, Tory Democracy.

Parliament Street itself is apolitical, bringing together politically aware individuals from all points on the ideological spectrum, right and left wing.

In order, to provide the most dynamic environment for creating new policy – Parliament Street has created policy units for both our Conservative (Tory Democracy) and Labour (Labour Now) members.

In line with the position taken by Parliament Street, where there is no corporate view taken by the organisation, each of our essayists and writers have been given, the total freedom, to express their own opinions.

We hope that you enjoy reading this excellent book, looking at policies the Conservative Party should advance and also looking at how the Party must change, to better represent its activists.

The book was edited by Elizabeth Anderson and David Bean.

The chapters in this book include:

Reigniting Conservatism by Clare George-Hilley

Aspiration, excellence and opportunity: the case for grammar schools by Elizabeth Anderson

Preventing demand on policing from cases involving mental health by Matthew Scott, Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent

Home Ownership for All: Non-Statist Solutions for the Housing Crisis by Cllr. J. P. Floru

‘A New Form of Politics’: Brexit, Immigration and the rise of populism in Europe by Dr. James Downes and Chris Hanley

The Brexit effect on the City: short term pain for long term economic gain by Tim Focas

Me, Myself and A.I. by Dean Russell

Reviving Conservatism in the Capital by Nabil Najjar

The Future of the Conservative Party by John Strafford


Please do purchase a copy of ‘True Blue’ today here.

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