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Withdrawing from the Iran Deal is a Catastrophic Error

Withdrawing from the Iran Deal is a Catastrophic Error

The Iran Deal is not perfect. Major international treaties seldom are. However, monitoring experts, defence policy-advisors – including Donald Trump’s own Secretary of Defence, Ret. Gen. Jim Mattis – agree that this treaty was, in fact, living up to expectations. Just ask former President Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy Advisor Ben Rhodes about what shortcomings he can identify from the JCPOA’s […]

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Governor-elect of Virginia, Ralph Northam (D) celebrates his election night victory with the other victorious Democratic candidates for state-wide office and outgoing Governor Terry McAuliffe (D)

Trump Effect Ignites Democrats in State, Local Elections

Call it the Trump effect, call it luck, call it a good ground game, but the Democratic Party had a night to celebrate on Tuesday when the party won the governor’s races in both Virginia and New Jersey, picked up mayor and council seats nationwide, and picked up more seats in the Virginia House of Delegates in a single election […]

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President Donald Trump gestures towards the crowd as he delivers his inauguration speech.

President Donald Trump- What We Learned from his Inauguration and What to Expect

It’s officially official. Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. Many never, ever, would have predicted such a headline one year ago, but the day has come. Obviously, it goes without saying that Donald Trump divides opinions. He’s one of those people that one either loves or hates. Mr Trump’s supporters are passionately behind him and generally believe […]

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President Barack Obama addresses a crowd during his farewell address on 11 Feb 2017.

If Only There was a List of all of Obama’s Achievements…

This article was originally published in The Huffington Post by the author. No president is perfect. Every president has issues that he must contend with that are serious and define his legacy. Clinton had the economy, Bush had 9/11 and the War on Terror, and the Great Recession. President Obama inherited the War on Terror, the worst recession since the […]

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Save Your Moral Outrage: What’s Happening in Aleppo is the West’s Failure

Save Your Moral Outrage: What’s Happening in Aleppo is the West’s Failure

This article originally featured on the Huffington Post by the same author.   Social media is overwhelmed with images and videos of terrified, fleeing Syrians who are desperately trying to escape the wrath of Assad’s murderous army as it completes the take over of Aleppo. CNN International ran several videos posted on Periscope and Facebook of people recording what they […]

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