Labour let young people down. We can’t go back to the way things were


Jonathan Fieldhouse argues that young people have more opportunities now, under the Conservatives, than they ever did under Labour.

It’s frightening looking back over time and thinking about our once glorious high streets.  As ‘New’ Labour came to power with their army of supporters banging the drum, they forgot the rich legacy that was presented to them. They’d forgotten what made Britain great and why we are leaders in the world. They allowed more and more distasteful ‘out of town’ shopping centres to be passed through planning.  They sucked the life and soul out of our once glorious high streets; places that were easy for young, eager people to forge a career.  Sadly the talent that roamed the pavements in search for a job never left the high street and never climbed onto the bottom rung of the ladder.

Promises were made, Job Centres became Job Centre Plus, and the minimum wage created the belief that low earners were not forgotten but the root causes were never changed.  Whilst A* students became A* state dependents, Eds Miliband and Balls were enjoying the 5* dinners, squandering monies and spewed out more policies that destroyed communities, families and millions of lives.

Sure we can, and do, blame the financial institutions which are the backbone of our society and indeed the worlds – but the system was created by politicians and Labour were our stewards.  They prompted recklessness, they promoted a system that would rob every man, woman and child.  A system that’s legacy has to be addressed and will deprive us all for many years to come.  They created a system  of living on the never, never and encouraging you and I to do the same.  Sensible? I don’t think so.

As Gordon Brown’s removal van scurried away from the back door of No.10 in 2010, no thought was given for youth employment.  Apprenticeships were cut overnight and talent was lost, depriving our nation of the very oxygen we need to not only prosper but to live above the breadline.

Conservatives have rarely captured the imagination of students but time is changing.  People have to face the fact that Labour is not looking out for students. They want to tax them – and hard!  Labour policies are only going to benefit the rich.  It sounds such a bizarre notion but it’s true.  Martin Lewis of agreed when discussing Labour’s education polices that ‘only affluent graduates will gain’ and that the policy ‘stems from an illiteracy about how student finance works’ (Daily Telegraph, 26 Feb 2015).

During Labours last stint in power I remember ‘David Beckham Studies’ being offered at University.  How can this be so? How can we suggest that students read this and not Economics, Engineering or Chemistry, such topics that make us world leaders in Industry?

By putting funding for higher education at risk, Labour’s policy will hit universities, the economy – and therefore students.  A group of Britain’s top academics warns Labour’s policy would ‘damage the economy…and risks the quality of education for all’ (Times, 2 Feb 2015).

Labour bandied around that everyone should go to University.  I strongly disagree; everyone should have a right to go to University but only if its right for them.  Guidance not pressure should be sought.  Apprenticeships should be considered; vocational training and other forms of personnel development should be discussed at schools and colleges.

The days of conservatisms being elitist, is over.  Those that suggest so, are simply misinformed and jealous of the opportunities that is there for all.  Education is at the heart of conservative policy because without education and providing our amazing teenagers and students with the resources they need, we as a nation will never succeed.  Our youth of today are the very people that will drive our country forward and make Britain stand above the rest.

So when the election arrives on the 7th May, consider this, when you’re wandering down the high street and seeing the shops returning, young people working, who is looking after their interests, who is backing them?

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