Steven George-Hilley interview with ITV

Steve George-Hilley

Steven George-Hilley on ITV News discussing Conservative Party conference

Parliament Street Director Steven George-Hilley went on ITV’s Daybreak show at Conservative Party conference. George-Hilley was chatting about the  threat posed by UKIP to the party.

The interview was just one media slot of many at party conference by the Parliament Street team. Other interviews included  discussions with the BBC and local radio shows.

He told the breakfast show that the support for UKIP would fall away in the lead up to the General Election. He said this was due to voters choosing to avoid a protest vote on election day.

This means that a Conservative majority is more likely.

“The threat from UKIP may be making the headlines now but that does not mean a mass drop in support for the Conservative Party,” he told ITV.

He continued, “When voters are forced to choose between David Cameron and Ed Miliband as Prime Minister, they will avoid a protest vote to the likes of UKIP.

“Voters will see through the Labour lies,” he added.

At the event, Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson called on activists to send a message to voters that the government’s  plan was working.

ITV steven george-hilley

                            ITV interview with Steven George-Hilley

The atmosphere Manchester was strong considering the surge in polling numbers and support to Nigel Farage’s UKIP party.

UKIP is thought to be benefiting from mid-term problems.

George-Hilley went to the conference with team members from the Parliament Street think tank.

The team hosted debates and events which attracted several hundred  activists.

It is understood that senior figures inside the Conservative Party is looking to drive activist support from regional organisers.

But the party admitted it needed to achieve much more if it wishes to retake its lead in the polls in the coming months.

Overall the party considered Manchester 2013 to be a highly successful event.

Doing so will require the backing of leading Conservatives like Boris Johnson.

The Conservative party faced an battle at the election but is quietly confident.

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                                                       Steven George-Hilley with Boris Johnson          

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