NEW RESEARCH – Making Paying Taxes, Less Taxing

Today, Parliament Street publishes a radical new policy paper arguing that the UK tax system is so complicated that its broken.

Our Director of Policy, Cllr. Dr. Peter Hill, the report’s author, argues that the current UK tax system is rigged in favour of large multinational companies such as Google, Amazon and Starbucks. These companies have been able to play the UK tax system like a fiddle, minimising their tax liability, at every turn. Small and medium size companies, however, are not so fortunate.

The paper asserts that UK tax system is desperately in need of a radical redesign from scratch and sets out a range of principles, which as part of a new tax system would levy the playing field, stimulate growth and lead to increased tax revenue.
You can read the full report here: Making Paying Taxes, Less Taxing

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