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Angela Merkel delivers her election night victory remarks to supporters in Berlin.

Four More Years

As expected, really, Angela Merkel has been elected to a fourth term to serve as Chancellor following the federal election in Germany on Sunday. What was unexpected, however, was the significant drop in support for her CDU at the polls and the level of support (13% nationally) the Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) received at Ms Merkel’s detriment. Germany enters a period […]

by · 29th September 2017 · Blog
Germans will go to the polls Sunday.

Germans Vote on Sunday- Here’s What You Need to Know

In a year where the political landscape in the United Kingdom, United States, and the continent have shifted dramatically, one country has stood firm with remarkable fortitude: Germany. Germans have had to endure a lot of hardship in the past couple of years. The Eurozone crisis saw the German government take the lead and contribute billions of euros to an EU […]

by · 18th September 2017 · Blog
Macron Meets Merkel, German Elections and European Reaction

Macron Meets Merkel, German Elections and European Reaction

Emmanuel Macron was inaugurated as the new President of France on Sunday, as Europe prepares for a new Franco-German partnership to strengthen the Union. With Berlin as the new President’s first destination as head of state, Macron’s intentions are clear: get support from Europe’s most powerful leader for Union-wide reforms on areas such as labour reforms, unemployment insurance and bond […]

by · 15th May 2017 · Brussels & Europe, Blog
What the State Elections Mean for Merkel

What the State Elections Mean for Merkel

Sunday’s elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern were a resounding defeat for Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) — in her home state no less. Coalition partners Social Democratic Party (SPD) topped the election results, whilst the far-right Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) beat the CDU into second place. Quite the embarrassing finish for a Chancellor who has been in power since 2005 and is […]

by · 8th September 2016 · Foreign Affairs, Blog